‘SH0CKED’ Charles pIeaded for William’s heIp when he found out about Harry’s D.R.U.G USE

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‘Shocked’ Charles pleaded for William’s help when he found out about Harry’s drug use
PRINCE CHARLES pleaded for Prince William’s help after discovering Prince Harry’s drug use, according to a royal expert.
A new episode of Harry’s mental health series on Apple TV+ has dropped, entitled ‘A Path Forward’.
In the episode, Harry spoke to Robin Williams’ son Zak Williams about their shared experience of losing a famous parent.
Zak, 38, said he failed to properly grieve privately for a year-and-a-half after his father ended his own life,
self-medicated with alcohol to help deal with the loss and developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Harry responded that the two had “a lot of shared experience” after admitting in an earlier episode he used alcohol to “mask” his own emotional pain due to unprocessed grief from the death of Princess Diana.
Harry also said in an earlier episode that he found himself “wanting to do drugs”, or indeed anything that made him feel less pain.
Harry’s drink and drugs revelation brought a new perspective to his teenage years, when he was caught drinking underage and smoking cannabis.
At 16, he was drinking heavily at a local pub called the Rattlebone Inn and took drugs in the grounds of Highgrove over a two-month period, the News of the World reported at the time.
Zoe Griffin, Editor and Founder of LiveLiveAVIP.com, told the Netflix documentary ‘The Royals’ that Charles went “mental”
and was fuming when he found out about the substance abuse.

He decided that a day in a rehabilitation centre might serve to show Harry the dangers of drug use.

Ms Griffin said: “When Prince Charles heard the news, he went mental,
he demanded that Prince Harry went to a rehab clinic to talk to other people who had drug addiction just to make sure he never progressed beyond cannabis.”

Former royal correspondent for the BBC, Jennie Bond, has a more tempered view, telling the documentary Charles was “shocked” and went to Harry’s brother William for advice.

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