Sharing the RESUME the got me my Research Internship! + 4 must-do TIPS

Sharing my resume that got me a research internship at Cornell University!

Hii I’m Nitya, incoming Computer Science student at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university in the US🌲.

Finding research internships in high school can be difficult because most of us don’t have prior experience. But in this video, I give you 4 Tips and share the 4 parts of my resume that will help you stand out.

The first part is all about 4 rules that you should follow. These are recommended by professionals and experts in every field.
The second part is how I made my resume stand out without prior experience. I talk about transferrable skills, writing descriptions, and more!

Keywords: Research internships, college applications, high school students

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» I’m not a US citizen, I’m an international student from India!
» I’m on nearly 100% financial aid at Dartmouth College (I applied for and got a scholarship/aid)
» I create videos because I love film and this platform and I want to give back to the wonderful student YouTube community that has literally pulled me through high school:)

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00:00 intro
00:26 The 4 Tips
00:32 Rule #1
00:54 Rule #2
01:12 Rule #3
01:53 Rule #4
02:34 My Resume
07:13 more:)

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