Sheryl Larson PTSD and the "Normal" state of the human condition The Sheryl Larson Interviews

In this session of The Smoke Pit Project I welcome a very special guest, long time friend, and very well accomplished mental health nurse Mrs. Sheryl Larson, who has worked for many agencies including the VA for several years, as well as working with many veterans in her career. In part 1 we discuss PTSD and mental health subjects like what is the normal state of the human condition to begin with, the broad spectrums and types of PTSD, highly recommended treatment options for PTSD, first meetings with mental health prescribers as well as what to watch for and different types of prescribers you can expect to run into. I really enjoyed this piece as she lends a fresh and unique and enlightening if not eye opening perspectives from her own boots on ground experiences as well as her many outstanding career and academic achievements in the field mental health.

Source: Youtube