SHOCKING VIDEO: Alligator Attacks Handler At Kids Birthday Party

SHOCKING VIDEO: Alligator Attacks Handler At Kids Birthday Party.

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News Recap On The Go, August 18′ 2021
News Source: DailyMail Online
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Heart-stopping moment petting zoo visitor jumps in to save handler when an alligator latches onto her wrist and pulls her into a death roll in front of child’s birthday party
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By Associated Press and Sandra Salathe For Dailymail.Com

• The attack unfolded at the Scales & Tails reptile center in Utah on Saturday

• Video shows an unidentified handler being dragged into the water by the gator

• Donnie Wiseman, 48, then jumped in to wrangle the animal and save the handler

• Shane Richins, the company’s owner, said the handler was opening the enclosure to feed the alligator as usual

• After pulling the handler into its pen, the alligator began whipping around and kept its jaws clamped on her, pulling her into a death roll

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