Should I Get a Service Dog for My PTSD?

Heidi expected her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to get better after Michialee’s Autoimmune Encephalitis was diagnosed. Instead, it got much worse. When nothing else seemed to be helping enough, Heidi began considering a service dog trained in pattern breaking for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and anxiety. PLEASE share your feelings on the matter!

Meanwhile, the family celebrates the 4th of July at the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Provo’s Freedom Festival. They meet Avonlea and her boyfriend for dinner and fireworks at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT.

Heidi and Emmarie are a mother/daughter team, who co-own Doors In Time Productions. They educate, advocate, and entertain through their blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram (IGTV). Their content has inspired others struggling with challenges to face their trials with hope.

Doors In Time productions tackles some of the toughest obstacles facing individuals and parents dealing with chronic illness, invisible illnesses, hard to diagnose diseases, cognitive issues and severe learning disabilities.

Emmarie found her voice and her mission when she realized the profound effect her story had on thousands who have also struggled with undiagnosed health challenges or serious learning disabilities. Her focus is helping others to love and accept themselves just the way that they are.

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Heidi understands both the joys and the difficulties of raising children with special needs and rare medical conditions. She writes of overcoming feelings of inadequacy and guilt as a mother. Heidi’s focus is to help parents to advocate for their disabled children while keeping life at home as “normal” as possible.

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Family Story – The Whitaker Family (Doors In Time) was forced to rebrand when they suddenly found themselves in the middle of two medical mysteries. In an extreme effort to get the help that they needed, the family partnered with other YouTubers to bring awareness and find the answers that they so desperately sought.

Theirs is the story of a YouTube miracle. They found advocates, answers, doctors, hospitals, and incredible support among the YouTube community. But the journey isn’t over. It has only just begun.

Please join the Whitaker Family as they maneuver their new normal, find joy in the simple things in life, and navigate through the choices ahead of them.

They focus on the small and big miracles that have become a part of their daily lives. They bring awareness to the struggles of hard to diagnose patients. They show the determination of a family to make every day special and a celebration despite trials.

Dad – Rob, Mom- Heidi, Robby – 25 (Married to Natasha + Baby Andy), Avonlea- 24, Emmarie -21, Michialee – 16,
Jayce – 13, Cookie the Puppy (AKA Trouble!)

Between Heidi and Emmarie, content is published daily on their various shared and individual social media platforms.

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