SIDE EFFECTS OF TRAUMA – The Sex Talk with Mou

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In this episode Mou discusses side effects of trauma, such as hypervigilance, paranoia, distrust of others, learned helplessness, powerlessness, blaming others and playing the victim and tries to delineate the fine line between playing the victim and blaming to the point of getting stuck, and holding the trauma accountable. She also discusses how we can get retraumatized over and over which can make the original trauma exponential.

Moushumi Ghose hosts The Sex Talk, a sex positive web-series focusing on sex education, relationship and dating advice, which hopes to raise awareness about healthier attitudes about sex and sexuality, featuring Moushumi Ghose, MFT and various co-hosts.
Different topics. Always Sex- Positive.

Moushumi Ghose, MFT is a sex positive author who specializes in sex-positive sex therapy based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and sex positive coaching with clients worldwide.

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