Signs of Trauma & the Path to Recovery | Mental Fitness | Jeff Packer RSW

Traumatic injury can be from a real or perceived threat to self and/or others. Whether someone is actually threatening our life or we believe they are, increasing fear/anxiety, depression, dissociation and other mental health challenges can emerge. This week’s video further expands upon sources of and solutions to traumatic injuries.

The manifestation of childhood trauma may not be fully visible until later in life and, may not appear connected to our past at all. One person withdraws, and won’t share their opinions, while another becomes more egocentric and aggressive. Troubles often show up in friendships and romantic relationships yet, trauma related wounds can also surface in workplace disputes and relationship conflict. This is parallel to physical trauma, where one or more body parts may express the symptom(s) even though the source of the illness is in another area of the body. In other instances, the bodily illness and symptoms that, after much testing and assessing, often have no physiological root or source, are more heavily influenced by our psychosocial history.


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