Six Flags employee scams me off game, accuses cheating, questions integrity towards veteran.

Before you ask, no, this isnt fake.

I didnt record the accusation and the part where he questions my fathers integrity. If this video gets negative comments and where my proof is that my dads a veteran, I will present a photo of him or something.

Taken at Six Flags: St Louis. Not only are some employees major assholes, but the rides need refurbishment, especially the screaming eagle.

My dad is a veteran out of the gulf war, he has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the gunfire and explosions out of the gulf war that has scarred him for life. To have someone treat him like total shit, it makes me wanna beat the living hell out of him, especially this Tom guy, who claims is a supervisor and the boss technician. Hopefully you hear our conversation from the arcade games and stuff, because Six Flags needs to know about this. Please share this video, this needs to be heard.

Source: Youtube