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Produced by: Kame Dage

Written by : Ayanle Farah | Abdifatah Farah
Directed by : Abdifatah Farah | Ayanle Farah
Costumed Designing by : Sulekha Hashi

Character Descriptions
Mohamud Ali |
General Caalim – An older Somali General who is diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and faces abnormal flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and is feeling emotionally numb; He is a child at heart, but an old wrinkled man that has been chasing rainbows of souls he has translated into stories.

Jaabir Jarakabood
Caalim Junior –A 25 Year old dreamer who has never stepped a foot outside of Somalia. More than just a miserable introvert he is naïve and curious. Caalim lives in Mogadishu taking care of his dad who is suffering from PTSD. He is young, energetic and has nothing to lose. He is surrounded by an environment filled with the uncertainty of death, but something always keeps him alive.

Mohamed Hajji
Muhsin – A disloyal 28 Year old, that somehow seems to be forgiving and persuasive. He’s confident and controversial. He always wears a new slim fit suit that conveys his intelligence. Muhsin was raised in America, and appears more nationalistic than most back home. He studied Political Science, and joins the Somali government thinking he can change the system; without any knowledge of Siyaasada Maanta..

Shuab Jenhar
Asad – Human rights freelance journalist that graduated from George Washington University, School of Journalism, he is inspired by how propaganda is used to separate people from politics. After years of frustration with media he goes on a journey to capture, document and tell the stories of the Somali people with integrity and justice. He finds that the moral justification of journalism is to counterattack the narrative of Siyaasada Maanta behind his camera.

Hamdi Abdulkadir
Amina – Is a 24 year old is cosmetologist consumed by the pursuit of the American Dream. Far fetched from the urban life unlike most of her peers, she has a polished look with a messy attitude. She sometimes identifies herself as an American and not Somali. After graduation, she is conflicted between saving her relationship or saving a country she has no recollection of.

Hamdi Abdullahi
Sahro – is a 25 Year old, Fragile, passive, and mostly indecisive. She is a trophy in her family for being the first to graduate from college. She studied Social Work but has not found her calling yet. She is interchangeably traditional and westernized. She wakes up one morning and reads the newspaper, and it changes the rest of her life, forever.

Hodan Ugaas
Halima – Is a 27 year old humanitarian by day and a nurse by night. She comes from many responsibilities but the most significant to her is her mother who never left somalia. Halima is independent and does not rely on anyone. The absence of her father has largely impacted her outlook on responsibility and relationships. It is not until she goes back that she learns everything she has been told was a lie.

Thomas Raddatz
Bruce – is a 26 year old law major and a friend of the somali community. Born in north carolina to a prestigious family but raised in the inner city. Though he has always been infatuated with the beauty of somali women the exposure to diversity has transformed him to become a true advocate of integration.

Ali Xariif
Jamal Cagayare – 30 year old anchor for Siyaasada Maanta TV, based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Source: Youtube