SJU Student Discusses Struggles with PTSD

An SJU student discusses his experiences with PTSD, school services, and mental health stigmas. In this student’s narrative, he tells us about his experiences with mental health in an academic setting and how it affected his relationships with others.

“I am a junior here at St. Joe’s. I’m a political science and economics double major. I do a decent outer self on campus, I am really involved with theater both our student theatre company Followed by a Bear and like the main stage shows I’m also an RA, I’m an SI for the Econ Department. It’s a lot to balance with classes and stuff like that and working and life. I have been diagnosed with a couple different things. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD. The main trigger for that is that, May, going out of my freshman year I woke up to a phone call from my sister and she was hysterically crying and she told me that our cousin Selena who we had lived around the street from, moms had met in middle school and like what they were raised as like siblings pretty much. Selena was in a car accident and passed away. And I think like that moment in general kind of changed one like my whole perspective on life but also like my perspective of like taking care of myself and like the importance of like not taking things out on the people you care about because life it doesn’t always last forever. It’s sometimes shorter than you think it’s going to be. I went to CAPS over the summer was just actually a nice experience because no one’s here over the summer so I was like able to book appointments whenever I wanted and started seeing a psychologist regularly who I enjoyed and then kind of just like fell out of it again which is like a cyclical thing and I also felt like I was fine and then I was like oh I don’t really need to do this anymore. So there’s a setting misery loves company like mental illness is something that’s very hard to understand and empathize with if you haven’t experienced it yourself and so I think it’s just like important that you have people who understand what you’re through and are going to be supportive in that and that stigma of like misery loves company and you’re just like all miserable and complaining together like I think it’s important to have those people you can complain to or you can say some of the scary things too and they’re not going to be like you’re a crazy bitch!”

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