SnF – Having a Rant

Hi, this is SnF at Battleworn Records. I am 31 years of age and I live in Australia. In 2006 I signed up for the Australian Army and I was posted to the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Lavarack Barracks, after my basic training was completed. Jumping to 2009 I deployed to Afghanistan on the Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force 2 (MRTF2). This solo track I have put together (I used my iphone to record my lyrics and home music studio to mix the beat)is heavily inspired by my experiences in the Australian Defence Force and my trips abroad. Lately on the news and radio this year of 2020, there has been some bad light put on our efforts in Afghanistan, over the last seventeen years or so. I’m seeing a lot of people who’ve never been to Afghan talk about Afghan. I’m seeing a lot of people who’ve never been to war, talk about war.

Since medically retiring from the military in 2015, I started mixing beats on my computer, making/listening to music has helped me quite a bit when coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Making this was quite an experience and its taken me about 6 weeks to put it all together. Almost losing it when the file became corrupted a few times, the most I lost was 5 hours from the program continuously crashing and then corrupting the file making the data useless. So i had already backed it up via email, but yeah still lost 5 hours of dungeon time and I think I patched it back together pretty well. This is Having a Rant by SnF.

Lyrics by SnF
Mixing by Sam Frood
Editing by Sam Frood
Recording by Battleworn Records
Produced by Battleworn Records
Presented to you by YouTube and Battleworn Records

Source: Youtube