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My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Had the most stressful week since 2017. Massive mood crash, my author copies of Pet Purpose arrived in the middle, my parents disapproved and told me I need to leave, several massive PTSD triggers at once.

I called the NZ crisis line last night as wasn’t coping with the intense emotional distress. They told me to take my sedating meds to help me go to sleep. Basically to knock myself out and reassess in the morning.

I asked on a Facebook page if anyone knew where I could find a safe room, preferably with a wifi connection for a middle-aged woman on a low income. Someone reached out and I am moving into a hostel converted into a boarding house (since covid demolished the tourism industry) tomorrow. Will have my own locked room with wifi and communal other facilities.

This is my last night in my parent’s house – where I have been since a long stay in a psychiatrics hospital. I don’t have many possessions, but I am still procrastinating packing. It was very hurtful to feel rejected by my parents (we don’t see eye to eye), but I understand they they are elderly now and it’s hard for them to deal with too.

I think our relationship will improve if we live apart, with me on a stepping stone towards independence. My dream is that my books will not only be purchased internationally, but become best-sellers. All independently published, myself. I have 3 more books in the pipeline – already started.

I appreciate all purchases, sharing, retweeting, reviews of Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice (by Xanthe Wyse). Connections on social media is what is getting it noticed. That is how I aim to amplify the voices of the vulnerable.

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