Social media bullying, meltdown, ableism, racism, PTSD triggered.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder.

I am irritable in this video, triggered PTSD. But I prefer some irritability and anger over triggered into extreme distress. Progress for me after a LOT of processing including nearly 100 hours of therapy with a trauma psychologist. To be able to express how I feel instead of shutting down or going into a distress state.

This video is saying how I felt about seeing a young man provoked into a meltdown with a man with a manipulatively edited video and misrepresentation. The young man clearly had some vulnerabilities which could indicate mental health issues and/or autism.

Someone with a large social media profile framed the video as racism. There were a lot of revolting comments, but thankfully some courageous comments calling out the bullying. I forgot to mention that the chief bully, whom I also saw as both racist and ableist, then asked for money and opened admitted that used this ‘race-baiting’ to grift.

One of the reasons I use social media is to risk getting triggered and to deal with those triggers. It takes courage to use one’s photo and real name on social media, with so many trolls and bullies who make a game of trying to bait people to get them banned.

There are several lies on social media including:
“Black people can’t be racist”.
“Women can’t rape.”
“Transgender people can’t rape.”
“If you didn’t say no, you consented.”

Source: Youtube