Socially unacceptable bipolar disorder. Also mention friendships, coeliac disease.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. It’s hot this afternoon and I didn’t sleep well last night so struggling to focus. Got some words mixed up eg said Facebook instead of Twitter.

Talk a bit about my diagnosis of coeliac (celiac) disease without a biopsy (discussed in more detail in another video). After being annoyed with someone on Twitter persistently being dismissive about my diagnosis, I looked for the test report and also found the award-winning essay ‘The Sensitive Engine,’ which I read out yesterday. I went gluten-free at the same time I won the award 12 years ago. The essay is also linked to the toy train I bought. My mind sees patterns in everything and this becomes exaggerated when my mood is elevated (hypomania, mania).

The items I showed briefly are linked for me in ways that I did not go into deeper. The blood test report and the essay were from 2008. The essay was a metaphor of a train which was inspired partly by my son’s love of Thoma’s the Tank Engine. My mind sees links in everything but it can be hard to explain.

Also talk a little about friendships with bipolar. Struggling to focus today – I went quiet because I could hear people talking in the distance which was distracting me. I quite often get distracted by noises. Was also bothered by the heat and humidity.

I have already discussed how I have had an autism assessment, autism is rarely diagnosed in adults in New Zealand. Assessment came back with traits not sufficient for diagnosis of ASD under DSM-V. Better explained by bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder.

But some people on social media can’t accept that & keep insisting I’m autistic. Then they tell me I’m not allowed to talk to autistics. It’s ridiculous.

I also have overlap with ADHD but not sufficient for a diagnosis.

Source: Youtube