Sociocide: Do Blue Lives Matter?! (Police PTSD/C-PTSD)

First responders have the highest rates of PTSD, and C-PTSD that we as a society produce. Do-to our societal needs, these vocations are deemed necessary. Police officers however are the hardest mentally hit by their exposure to repetitive trauma and public disdain. Like soldiers, police officers commit suicide far more than actually die in the line of duty/while in function. Might be a reflection of their toxic masculine military rape culture. Might be their proximity to firearms. The numbers don’t lie.

Law (quoted below) is clear about people with POTENTIALLY frail mental health, and having actual mental illnesses, causing itchy triggers. Harm to themselves. Harm, and a definite threat to other members of society.Having police break one law (Firearms Act), in order for them to enforce and issue tickets for victimless statutes and/or regulation is not a good societal trade-off.

Seeing too many innocent people die in front of our eyes on camera by PTSD/C-PTSD ridden police officers. They as a demographic, are statistically mentally unstable to exercise rational/decisional and/or discretionary authority (initiating force/violence) over good standing citizens.

Police Officer (policy-men) enforce policy infractions made by politicians. Victimless crimes found in codes. Man made law.

Peace Officer. Enforce and helps actual tangible victim based crimes. Personal rights have been infringed upon or taken. Natural Law.

Firearms Act:

Section 5
(2) In determining whether a person is eligible to hold a licence under subsection (1), a chief firearms officer or, on a reference under section 74, a provincial court judge shall have regard to whether the person, within the previous five years,
(b) has been treated for a mental illness, whether in a hospital, mental institute, psychiatric clinic or otherwise and whether or not the person was confined to such a hospital, institute or clinic, that was associated with violence or threatened or attempted violence on the part of the person against any person; or

Section 22
A person may transfer or lend a firearm to an individual only if the person has no reason to believe that the individual
(a) has a mental illness that makes it desirable, in the interests of the safety of that individual or any other person, that the individual not possess a firearm; or

Source: Youtube