Soldiers talk about deadly war zones that gave them PTSD

In this clip from “Charlie Foxtrot” Army veterans battling PTSD remember horrific images and experiences from warzones that left many with PTSD. WARNING: Graphic images

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“Best way to clear the air is to get it all out in the open.” – Atticus Finch
That’s our mantra. It’s also where we get our nake: Atticus.
We’re a group of former newsroom journalists who found a different purpose with a new way of looking into things. Atticus produces documentary-style investigations about stories that aren’t always easy to talk about. They’re not always easy to see, either.

Sometimes the facts are hiding in confidential documents or classified reports. Other times the video we share is so unfiltered, it makes you feel like you should be looking the other way. Please don’t. Remember, “Best way to clear the air is to get it all out in the open.”
That’s exactly what we’ll do with each episode.


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