Somatic Experience Meditation for IBS

This video is a meditation to ease IBS symptoms. Relieve your IBS through regular, consistent practice of this meditation. Immerse yourself in this meditation to release anxiety and tension.

It’s very important to include stress management when considering how to relieve IBS pain. This meditation for IBS is based on post-traumatic stress disorder.

At first glance, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may not seem to have any special connection. However, PTSD and IBS often occur together. If you have PTSD, IBS, or both, understanding how they’re connected can help you seek out the most appropriate treatment.

If you have PTSD, you’ll be interested to learn that anxiety disorders, particularly PTSD, are the mental health problems most likely to occur before IBS. In fact, there’s a strong link between stress and IBS. People who have IBS also seem to have higher rates of exposure to traumatic events.

Please dabble in as much joy as possible and do the things that feel easier for you and to trust that there is a larger power within you, guiding you and taking care of you; even if it’s so scary – there is a force taking care of you and you will be okay.

I hope this your healing process helps relieve that anxiety from within.
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