South china sea: The 5 greatest threats to national security in 2019

The 5 greatest threats to national security in 2019

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Like most politicians, “Vice” overpromises and underdelivers in a filibusteringly long film. The man replacing former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sought Tuesday to reassure the country that it was still safe and secure under his leadership in his first official statement as Pentagon chief. Last week, California’s strict adherence to “sanctuary city” status caused the death of hero policeman Cpl. Ronil Singh. He was gunned down by a known gang member who was in the United States illegally. The killer’s very illegal status should have led to his removal by ICE before this senseless murder occurred. On Dec. 21, the last day of school for children across America before Christmas break, the Trump administration provided an early gift to greet them as they return to classes later this week. After an interminable delay, the White House announced the revocation of an order issued by the Obama administration requiring the nation’s public schools to discipline their charges based on race or face federal prosecution for violation of the Civil Rights Act. The result of the Obama-era decree was mischief, mishap, and mayhem as miscreants went unpunished. Most famously, it had a hand in causing the massacre in Parkland, Fla. As we welcome 2019, I have a collective New Year’s resolution to propose: Let’s offer real and lasting help to our veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. When they volunteered to serve, we promised to care for them if wounded. We must keep that promise. President Trump claimed Monday that he never said the U.S. would “rush out” of Syria despite reporting that indicated he had ordered a rapid withdrawal. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned his rogue regime could be forced to “seek a new way” if the U.S. doesn’t live up to its promises. The U.S. Strategic Command deleted a tweet Monday that said that the unified command was prepared to drop bombs, if …

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