SPACESHIP Deep Sleep SOUNDS (8 hours) – Sleeping, Relax, Study, Insomnia, Anxiety, PTSD, Meditation

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►DESCRIPTION: Looking out from your window on board your Starship, you can see the blue shimmering light of a new planet stretch out before you. As you commence your 8 hour orbit, this is your time to finally settle down to some relaxation and perhaps some deep peaceful sleep….

8hrs of warm comforting sleep sounds generate from your Starships rumbling engines. Providing the perfect back drop for you to sleep, relax, study, read, meditate.

►NOTE: Due to the low frequencies, you may have to adjust your volume and bass accordingly. Good quality speakers or earphones will provide the best experience for you.

Enjoy your journey and feel better on the other side.

I would suggest this audiovisual experience could be used for:-

Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep, Yoga, Stress Release, Study, Insomnia, Massage, Spa, Reduce Heart Rate, Anxiety Disorder, Anger Management, General Health, PTSD, Tinnitus, Working, Reading, Homework, Writing, Gaming, Get Baby to Sleep, Stress Related Disorders, Peace, Well Being, Reiki, Mindfulness

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take care and be relaxed,
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