stage 3v of new album

this is where we see some NOT ALL of the last coherent memries as the awarness starts to fade PTSD manages to lurk on in.

0:00 C1 – all i wanna do is get back there…
3:03 C2 – synapse retrogenesis begins to appear in the distance
6:50 C3 – we really have very few days…
9:22 C4 – first inchoherent memory looms
15:00 D1 coherent memories
15:45 D2 1st tangled memories
18:58 D3 its so hard to remember…
25:12 D4 last memory untouched by decay
28:37 D5 romance long and far away
30:00 D6 more tangled memories
38:57 D7 post – traumatic stress disorder
40:07 D8 i can do nothing to fight it…

#EATEOT #dementia #alzheimers #thecaretaker

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