Stigma of Mental Illness and PTSD

Opening Up about Mental Illness Vlog

Heidi talks about mental illness, depression, and PTSD and the stigma associated with mental illness. She opens up about what has helped her the most.

Emmarie works to train Moose, the service dog in training. Emmarie opens up about her disabilities.

Emmarie’s Video about Dealing with disabilities:

The past 2 years have caused us to stretch our faith, our time, our talents, and our creativity as we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of two medical mysteries. In an extreme effort to get the help that we needed, we partnered with other YouTubers to bring awareness and find the answers that we so desperately sought. Ours is the story of a YouTube miracle. We found advocates, answers, doctors, hospitals, and incredible support among the YouTube community. But the journey isn’t over. It has only just begun.

Please join us as we maneuver our new normal, find joy in the simple things in life, and navigate through the choices ahead of us. We focus on the small and big miracles in our lives and bring awareness to the struggle of individuals with invisible disabilities, including learning disabilities and mental illness, and service dogs.

Dad – Rob, Mom- Heidi, Robby – 25 (Married to Natasha + Baby Andy), Avonlea- 24, Emmarie -22, Michialee – 16, Jayce – 14, Cookie the Doggie (AKA Trouble!), Moose, the Service Dog Puppy in Training

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