Stress and welfare

The people that function in the highly demanding military environment face work-related stress and worries. It needs to be effectively tackled otherwise it could have an adverse impact on the well-being of the concerned public sector professionals.
The military setting is a highly demanding professional set-up where the involved professionals have to be strong to deal with the bloodshed, death, stress and violence. Jack’s case is nothing out of ordinary. The case shows that he had shown post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms such as hostility, agitation and social isolation but he never received proper treatment while he was servicing in the military. After his retirement, his experience had come to haunt him. According to” Experience of post-traumatic growth in UK veterans with PTSD: a qualitative study”, the role of social support is crucial for people who suffer from PTSD.
PTSD, also known as “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” is a common medical condition that affects millions of individuals. There is a need for introducing effective intervention techniques so that the military veterans that face such issue can lead a normal life. This anxiety disorder needs to be treated as a priority as it increases their stress level and affects their overall welfare and well-being.
In the case of Jack, his mental health seems to be in a bad state because he has been suffering from PTSD for quite some time. He was not given the required treatment for the anxiety disorder due to which after retirement his mental health is extremely fragile and weak.
The case of Jack shows that in any professional set-up, the employer needs to focus on the well-being and welfare of an employee so that he can have sustainable health. In the public work setting, the employees are exposed to highly challenging elements that increases their stress, worries and tension. The same can be seen in the case of Jack as well. Due to long exposure to the military environment that is full of violence and bloodshed, he is suffering from PSD which has adversely affected his personal life.
The management policies and support model have been introduced to empower the military personnel and the veterans that have served the sector for their entire life. The objective is to strengthen their overall welfare, offer them mental health therapy, counselling and ensure that they can be given effective crisis intervention techniques to deal with challenges.
The recommendations have been designed to help the professionals that function in a highly demanding work setting. Such intervention tools can enhance their welfare.

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