Stress Anxiety Panic & PTSD are Not Life Sentences – Somatic Experiencing Therapy

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Los Angeles based Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Brian D. Mahan, SEP offers Somatic Experiencing sessions worldwide by Skype.


Brian Mahan, SEP
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Specializing in guiding survivors of past traumatic events through a proven, simple process to fully resolve stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and PTSD and to feel safe, joyful and in control of their lives again

There IS hope. You are not alone.

Stress Anxiety Panic & PTSD are Not Life Sentences – Somatic Experiencing Therapy

How can you tell if you’re stressed out, traumatized or stressed out from being traumatized?

Well, do you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety? Maybe you feel out of it or just not fully present in your life, hopeless and dis-empowered.

Do you self-medicate with/through alcohol, sex, drugs, or even prayer, meditation, or exercise? Does it seem like your life moves in fits and starts on like you secure one foot on the gas and the other one on the brake? Do you spend a lot of your time lamenting the past or worrying about the future? Do you find yourself in an endless loop of vicious cycles, struggling to make changes but constantly finding yourself repeating patterns and having the same road blocks over and over?

You probably tell yourself that you’ve already tried everything: from reading self-help books, attending seminars and retreats, and you might have even explored traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies but nothing seems to help, or that the things that used to help simply stopped working. What if I told you that it doesn’t matter how much mental gymnastics you do or how strong-willed your white-knuckle discipline is or how much support you have?

My name is Brian Mahan. I am NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist or even a clinical social worker. I am a wounded healer, a trauma survivor. I have had more than my share of developmental and shock traumas throughout my life. And subsequently, have suffered from low self-esteem, social anxiety, negative cyclical thinking, depression, full-blown panic attacks and even suicidal thoughts.

But, I had spent the last nine years studying the physiology of stress and trauma and I’ve had the privilege of helping many trauma survivors even if, initially, they were not aware that they were in-deep trauma survivors. Like I did for them, I’d like to show you that patterns have its vicious cycles itself, sabotage, stress, anxiety, panic, depression, and PTSD are not life sentences.

As a result of past experiences that we found to be threatening, overwhelming or even underwhelming, our autonomic nervous systems can become disregulated. So, imagine that your nervous system has a series of short circuits. And so, if it’s a physiological condition and the good news is that it’s not a psychological disorder.

But, that’s not to say that left untreated overtime, the psychological components are coping mechanisms can take center stage and if we have short-circuited physiological responses coupled with unresolved psychological responses and work on pounding that problem by adding to the mix certain behaviors in an effort to self-soothe. While they may not be the most healthy and proactive choices, we have a recipe for disaster that can lead to physical diseases.

I spent 25 years as an insatiable seeker who is willing to try anything and everything in an effort to heal and gain control of my life. Believe me, I have taken introspection to the point of self-indulgence. I have tried every pill, potion, power known to man. I went broke attending workshops and seminars.

I found that I was spending a lot of time and money going about it the wrong way. I don’t want you to have to undergo something like a catastrophic car wreck like I did in order to discover that you have to meet a malady on the malady’s terms. And I’d like to help you to step off the hamster wheel and admit the trial-and-error scattershot healing and about.

I’d like to share with you how a near-death experience is what had to occur in order for me to find my way to true, profound and long-lasting healing and also set the stage for me to become more grounded, centered, boundaried, embodied, empowered in the moment, safe, and joyful.

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