"STUCK" – PTSD | Short Film |

Sexual assaults are something that not only destroy women physically but also mentally. Something that she has received from mother nature is her gender and it has now made her feel totally insecure and has created a complete sense of untrustworthy thoughts and feelings about people in her mind and heart. She cannot trust her own friends and doesn’t feel safe to rely on any person of the opposite sex. Her mind is all filled with disbelief.
Among all the rape victims around the world, about 90% of the victims experience PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), a disorder that can trigger the detrimental, physiological, and psychological distress in women.
Not only does her health get disturbed for a long span of time, but also she has to spend the rest of her life diverting her mind from the assault that she has faced.
She then has to struggle a lot,only if she still has the desire to stay alive, leaving behind all her future ambitions.

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Source: Youtube