Study finds PTSD can be connected to increased risk of ovarian cancer

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Post-traumatic stress disorder can be connected to ovarian cancer.

A new study just released in “Cancer Research” found women who experienced six or more symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, at some point in life had a two-fold greater risk of developing this cancer compared to women who did not. That cancer also tended to be the aggressive kind.

“I’ve been very lucky to catch it early,” said Dianne Weidman. “I’ve had it four times and every time I caught it in one lymph node, so, we’re sticking with this strategy of watching it every 90 days even though now I’ve been 3-and-a-half years with no recurrence

TriHealth physician’s assistant Elizabeth Gaitley said catching it early is key for improving survival rates. “That is absolutely true if we find it in a stage one patient, the survival benefit is substantially different. Those people have approximately a 90 percent survival rate if we found it in stage one.”

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati will hold its annual walk on Saturday, September 14th. It raises money and awareness.

Source: Youtube