Survival Flight sculpture from repurposed materials. To process trauma, PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse & I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I haven’t spoken in this video out loud. Letting the sculpture speak for itself. Have been working on Survival Flight on and off for months, processing trauma, PTSD. It is made 100% from repurposed materials.

I have shown some other videos during various stages of making it. I am intending to exhibit it in an upcoming solo art as therapy exhibition called Speak (along with my paintings and other process artworks – my therapy).

Where I have temporarily hung this sculpture for this video is symbolic. Extracts of song lyrics are written on the records. I bought old items like records and feathers from the op shop and found other items like the old key as a hook and the old washers etc in the garage.

Music has helped me to process emotions I shut down with PTSD.

Some of the lyrics on the flight plotter and top record are from Renagade Fighter by Zed. xyz is my initial signature on my art, standing for X.Wyse, before I could sign my name, which I changed after more trauma.

There are dozens of symbolic links for me in every artwork I do. Both processing trauma and emotions plus like mind-maps for other creative purposes (like writing novels). And in the process, there is a transformation.

Source: Youtube