Synchronicity painting, managing bipolar mania with PTSD, purpose to keep going

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been sharing what helps me manage bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

Along the way, I have been creating from my room (where I spend most of my time). I never get bored. I always have something I want to do which gives me meaning and purpose. Purpose helps keep me going.

In this video I tell you a little about the painting Synchronicity which I’ve nearly finished. I painted it to help calm me to get through a mania episode. I also had a temporary medication adjustment to help calm the intense hyperarousal energy which was like a hurricane internally, even though I looked calm on the surface.

Off, meds, things spiral out of control very quickly with a lot of distress. I am minimally medicated at my request and manage the ups and downs which are less severe than off meds. I monitor for signs of mania and take action immediately.

Hypomania (not full mania) is not too much to worry about if I am managing it. But mania has extreme energy levels and is the start of losing control. If prolonged, I have had some very life-threatening breakdowns. I am now closer to hypomania which is more manageable with self-care such as getting enough sleep and some exercise and some calming activities.

This recent mania was very mild compared to previous episodes. I had severely disrupted sleep, was irritable, had surges of prolonged extreme hyperarousal energy, hypersexuality, felt more spiritual, had some conflicts and more. Mania needs to be managed or else it can be very destructive.

One of the ways I manage it is to direct some of the energy into creativity. Painting is like a meditation for me. I paint symbolic metaphorical abstracts which also process trauma and emotions.

Bipolar disorder requires constant monitoring and maintenance as things can come undone very quickly.

Source: Youtube