Tackling Anxiety in sessions with horses

Nowadays, EVERYBODY seems to struggle with anxiety, am I right? I just had an episode myself, where everything just seemed too much. Read on… free class, link below!

So I decided to contribute my little piece to the world and offer this class for FREE over the weekend. Link below…

The class was recorded with Monica Kubik, my colleague in Dubai. In her practice of coaching with horses she had noticed an increase in clients with anxiety and asked me for help.

After an introduction I share an entire toolbox of recommendations and activities you can use with your clients during a session. Of course, this 1-hour class is not complete training in anxiety disorders, but it will give you lots hands-on advice for your practice.

If this intro is appealing to you, and you want to get the rest of the class, go to: https://christinamarz.com/courses/christina-marz-ce-anxiety-clients/lessons/welcome-to-the-course/

The course is available FOR FREE,
without signup or any other admin tasks until July 12th ONLY.

Or, maybe you want the full-on facilitator certification? The next group starts in August 2021, we have 2 seats available… https://christinamarz.com/marzmethod-facilitator-certification/

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