Talking About PTSD | Elliott Rae | EPISODE 21

Elliott Rae has been on his own journey of experiencing certain trauma. He did what most blokes do, which is crack on with it. Only in the not too distant future, Elliott’s experiences caught up with him. Without knowing too much about mental health, and particularly PTSD, Elliott decided to take ownership/action. A few years on, Elliott has not only overcome his experience with PTSD, but been in national news, due to setting up his own mental health charity called, ‘Music Football Fatherhood.’ This charity seeks to help men, particularly: Dads. In this podcast episode, Rory and Elliott share their darkest experiences of pain, and talk about Elliott’s up and coming book release of 20 Dads’ painful stories, most which haven’t been shared with closest loved ones! They have plenty of laughs too! Enjoy, ETS.

Source: Youtube