Talking Trauma with Chief Jeff Post

I am pleased to introduce you to Jeff Post. Jeff is the Fire Chief in Center Groton, one of the assistant Chiefs at the Submarine Base Fire Department where he supervises 20 firefighters, and is a firefighter in Mystic and Gales Ferry, CT. Chief Post lives in Gales Ferry CT with his wife of 19 years and their two children. If that wasn’t enough activity in his life, he is also a youth baseball coach and an undergraduate student at Southern New Hampshire University where he is studying psychology with an end goal of getting licensed as a professional counselor. Im thankful and grateful he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to sit and talk with me about about various topics that include mental health in the firehouse, how important first responders are to our mental and emotional well being as a community, and discusses his own personal resilience in climbing the ranks of his profession while addressing his own mental health and alcohol struggles. I’ve been privileged to have witnessed Chief Post’s tireless efforts in providing assistance and guidance to firefighters, first responders, friends, and family who have struggled with their own mental health over the years. I hope you enjoy listening to his experiences and wisdom as much as I do.

First Responders Haunted by Trauma, Fear Asking for Help: NBC News Study

Source: Youtube