TBI, PTSD, and Mental Resilience in AFSPECWAR

Let’s face it- the Ones Ready team is basically Brian, the only smart one, and the other three knuckledraggers. Sure, Trent has that smolder thing, and everyone loves Peaches, and Aaron… uh, Aaron does a lot of important behind the scenes stuff. I guess.

Anywho, when you all wanted to talk all things mental health, we knew we couldn’t make that happen on our own, so we asked a good friend of the podcast and avid supporter of military mental health Dr. Katie Pate to come on. Doc Pate (follow her IG- ) is a Ph.D. Neurophysiologist, combat trauma medical researcher, athlete, and CEO.

We asked Doc Pate to talk all things mental health- from mental stress preparation before an event, what she would recommend as her “go-to” prescription for mindfulness practices, and how TBI and PTSD affect us. Most importantly, we look at, “How likely am I to have to deal with these, and what can I do to not only deal with them but can I prepare for them early in my career?”

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Chapter Markers-

00:02:54 Dr. Pate’s Background
00:10:09 Alternative Medicine
00:17:53 Professional Health
00:22:13 Suicide
00:30:11 Mental Resilience
00:45:31 TBI to PTSD
00:49:09 Coruna Medical

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