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SUCKERPUNCHED – A Women’s Experiences as a Log Scaler

A true account of a woman’s cherished career in forestry is graphically recalled from journals, photos and original artwork. The memoir is an account of her day-to-day log scaling duties.

Her fundamental beliefs that companies would protect and care for employees were shattered following a violent assault. Affected with post-traumatic stress disorder, she shares the consequences of being a victim of workplace violence and ill treatment.

Despite Health and Safety Regulations, injustices by employers are tragically commonplace. Her experiences show the stark reality behind a façade of safety policies.


Copyright © 2021 by Lois Wood
First Edition – 2021

All rights reserved.

978-1-5255-9341-3 (Handcover)
987-1-5255-9340-6 (Paperback)
987-1-5255-9342-0 (eBook)

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