The Broken One – Elsewhere Near The End Of The Universe Stage 4

Serving as the transition from stage 3 to 5, stage 4 is when the mind begins a decent into chaos as The Broken One becomes more and more detached from reality. All memories are becoming less and less reachable and become buried as the plaques form and destroy any and all clear melodies. The mind is slowly dying now, practically yelling for help or an escape but the worst part is, this is only the beginning.

G1 – Reaching an absolute limit: 0:00
H1 – At the point of breaking: 8:38
I1 – Neural Irregularity: 18:39
J1 – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relived: 26:07

released July 20, 2021

BC version:

Cover art ‘hepathe avenlehtuztanze‘ by PhiSigma

Source: Youtube