The Carebear- Everywhere In The Beginning Of Nowhere Stages 1-7 (The Complete Edition)

Everywhere In the Beginning of Nowhere is heavily inspired by the Caretaker’s “Everywhere At The End Of Time”.

Stage 1: 00:00​​
In stage 1, little effort is made to remember and our character is at peace. Nostalgia and happy thoughts prevail in this stage. However, the mind can only go downhill from here on out…

00:00​​ A1- I’ll Be Remembering You
03:43​​ A2- As The Days
06:55​​ A3- Bright Recollections
09:50​​ A4- The Old Church Door
13:18​​ A5- Memories Of Peace
16:58​​ A6- You Were Always A Dreamer
21:11​ A7-Time Keeps Moving Along
24:39​​ B1- Slight Confusion
28:08​​ B2- There Isn’t Much Time Left
30:55​​ B3- Memories Of Peace
34:35​​ B4- Is It Really So?
36:52​ B5- It’s All For You
39:03​ B6- A Thousand Lovers
42:51​ B7- Looking Far Back
45:05​ B8- It Was Said With A Kiss

Stage 2: 48:31​​
Stage 2 is what some would call the beginning of the end. Memories here become more distant, distorted, and forgotten. The character is now struggling with day to day life and Is grieving the eventual death of their mind. The tracks seem more depressed and hopeless compared to the last stage.

48:31​​​ C1- The Beginning Of The End
51:18​​​ C2- As Time Blurs
54:55​ C3- I Can Still Remember You
58:45​​​ C4- Why Should I Carry On?
01:03:49​​​ C5- Slowly Fading Away
01:06:07​​​ C6- Finding Hope In The Hopeless
01:10:18​​​ D1- Quietly Losing The Fight
01:13:52​​​ D2- The Mind’s Last Glory Day
01:17:05​​​ D3- Faded Childhood
01:19:59​​​ D4- As The Time Draws Nearer
01:24:54​​​ D5- There Must Be A Way
01:28:28​​​ D6- The Point Of No Return

Stage 3: 01:34:12​
Stage 3 is considered to be the start of a new horrific process in which the memories become less and less coherent to the point where we don’t even know what we are thinking. Locations are lost, friends become strangers and time starts to become a blur. Our character is left dazed and confused as their mind burns to ashes.

01:34:12​​​​ E1- The Mist Starts Rolling In
01:39:03​​​ E2- Can I Still Remember You?
01:42:38​​​​ E3- Lost In The Caverns Of The Mind
01:46:33​​ E4- The Mist Rolling In
01:49:46​​​​ E5- Forgotten
01:51:32​​​​ E6- Shadows Obscure The Light
01:53:39​​​​ E7- The Last Of Childhood Memories
01:57:07​​​​ E8- Memories Of Peace
02:00:49​​​​ F1- The End Approaches
02:02:54​ F2- Rapidly Fading
02:06:50​​​ ​ F3- Longing For Relief
02:11:31​​​​ F4- Why Can’t I Remember?
02:14:10​​​​ F5- A Glimpse Of What’s To Come
02:17:51​​​​ F6- The Last Goodbye
02:21:18​​​​ F7- A Thick Fog
02:24:32​​​​ F8- I Can’t Remember

Stage 4: 02:28:26​
Stage 4 is considered a transition from the happy memories of the past to the nightmarish post awareness stages. This is the mind’s last cry for help before sinking into the abyss. The last embers of our memory fade to dust.

02:28:26​​​ G1- A Dying Mind
02:43:22​ G2- Feeling Broken
02:50:49​​​ H1- Transition Into Post Awareness Confusions And Horror
02:58:17​​​ H2- Post Awareness Confusions

Stage 5: 03:16:10​​
In stage 5, our character has crossed over into the post awareness confusions. There is little to no structure in the brain and small clips of memories linger. The broken sounds and harshness of the album give way to extreme horror and dread. There is no turning back now. We are trapped inside our own brain.

03:16:10​​​ I1-Post Awareness Confusions
03:43:30​​​ J1-Post Awareness Confusions
03:57:54​​​ J1-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
03:59:58​​​ J1-Post Awareness Confusions
04:05:23​​​ K1-Temporary Bliss State
04:27:11​​​ L1-Post Awareness Confusions

Stage 6: 04:49:30​​
Stage 6 is the end of any coherent thoughts and memories. As plaque rapidly spreads through the brain, memories are completely lost. By the end, we lose ourselves to the void.
04:49:30​​​ M1- Advanced Plaque Entanglements
05:11:59​​​ O1- Advanced Plaque Entanglements
05:34:12​​​ P1- Synapse Retrogenesis
05:57:03​​​ Q1- Sudden Time Regression Into Isolation

Stage 7: 06:19:21​
Stage 7 has no description.
At least to you it doesn’t. You cannot remember anything. You can’t even remember that you can’t remember because logic and thought is a thing of the far past (But you can’t comprehend time anymore.) You can’t feel or think, you sit on a bed and stare at a wall, which to you isn’t even a thing. Your face is expressionless and barely any sound comes out of your mouth. You have forgotten how to live so other people have to do that for you. Your family visits occasionally and at times something is about to bubble up and come to your memory but is snuffed out by the grey mist. You seem to have lost the battle.
Up until the very last moments of it.

06:19:21​ R1- You Forget Everything
06:40:51​​​ S1- An Agonizing Bliss Destroys All
07:02:46​​ T1- The End Of The Line
07:24:39​​ U1- Something Reawakens Before The Curtains Close

Post Mortem:
Death is only the beginning…

07:50:10​ V1- Bliss
08:07:41​ W1- Light
08:31:37​ X1- Welcome Home

09:17:35​ Credits

Source: Youtube