The Challenger crew are NOT still alive.

This video I had originally intended as part of a much larger production. But due to the sheer number of disrespectful false claims online concerning the Challenger crew and the importance of setting the record straight, I feel compelled to make this rebuttal its own standalone video.

In recent times, the internet has become swamped with allegations that the Challenger crew didn’t die, that their deaths were faked, and that they are even still living with the same names.

This claim has been propagated frequently by Flat Earth idiots and space travel deniers. As can be expected from such kindergarten dropouts, this preposterous allegation doesn’t even withstand the most basic of scrutiny. It is all a case of mistaken identity. Two of the doppelgangers are BROTHERS of the deceased; the two female doppelgangers obviously have no physical or vocal similarities to the women who died on Challenger; and the remaining doppelgangers have significant differences in both physical appearance and background. They are obviously two different people with the same name.

The claim that the Challenger crew are still alive is extremely offensive. And not only to the astronauts who lost their lives or even their loved ones. It is also offensive to the engineers who tried to save the crew. Ultimately, there was an eighth victim in the Challenger disaster: Roger Boisjoly, the Morton Thiokol engineer who tried to stop the launch. He suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his failure to save the crew and the maltreatment he received from his superiors as punishment for telling the truth to the Presidential Commission and thus blowing the whistle on NASA and Morton Thiokol.

I interviewed Roger Boisjoly before he died. Anyone who claims that this tragedy was all a ruse, that the death of seven astronauts was staged – a tragedy that ultimately drove Boisjoly to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – anyone who denies the deaths of these astronauts is completely sick in the head.

Source: Youtube