The Clinic of Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Bringing closure to individuals suffering from PSTD.
Relieves behavioural and emotional suffering caused by natural and manmade traumatic events.
As a therapist using rewind I am committed to treating army veterans for free using this technique, I have extended this in 2021 to include critical care workers, I understand the immense pressure they are under and would like to offer this treatment at no cost to adults and children, so if a key worker or child of a key worker please do not hesitate to book in for your free consultation.
Rewind therapy can be used for children, adolescents and adults, requires no more than two sessions, has scientific backing and many trials. Follow up trials two years post treatment show no relapses.
It is very different from many other exposure treatments as I do not need to know the context of your particular PTSD, you will not have to give me any details or disclose sensitive information, simply closure without disclosure.

Non-disclosure means not being re-traumatised
Survivors of sexual and domestic abuse do not have to disclose details.
No fear of disclosing sensitive information

Rewind technique is a way of permanently filing any traumatic events. So rather than being triggered daily by smells, sights, sounds…many unconsciously, the therapy works instantly and is highly successful.
Post-traumatic stress disorder can be caused by you being the survivor of a traumatic event or the onlooker, an accident, childbirth, assault….think of the brain like a library, the information is stored in the wrong place when suffering from PTSD you may be having recall (involuntary) bad dreams/nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, impacting your everyday life, rewind simply helps your brain to file it in the correct place, meaning the memory is still accessible if needed but you are in control of it and can access if needed.
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