The Damage Narcissists Do To People They Say They Love | 10 Negative Effects of Narcissistic Abuse

If you’ve be in relationship with a Narcissist or worse still had a narcissistic parent you can be broken emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Victims of narcissistic abuse often suffer Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, suffer from addictions, anxiety and depression and continue to have a pattern of trauma bonding with narcissists in relationships, having trouble breaking free. It’s common for victims of narcissistic abuse to be both deeply wounded by their narc and obsessed with them at the same time. Narcissistic abuse crushes your spirit and makes it hard to love again….

Reea is a Life and Relationship Coach, Intuitive Empath and Past Life Regression Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She works with woman in one on one Coaching session from all over the World supporting their emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being and their recovery journey from abusive relationships.

Reea lives in Port Stephens, Australia and is available for Intuitive Soul readings and Life Coaching online to an international audience.

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Reea has been in the helping biz all her life. Some are born to nurture, teach, uplift and problem solve. Reea just can’t help herself. Reea is fascinated by people’s stories, human behaviour, metaphysics and consciousness, a passion that led her to study psychology, hypnotherapy, counselling and any other behavioural and emotional transformational tool she could find. Empowering women to find peace of mind, a clear path forward, solutions to every day life situations and achieve their goals comes naturally. Reea is a highly qualified professional and the survivor of tough life of abuse, domestic violence, a family history of mental illness and addictions. She walks her talk because she honed her knowledge and skills in the school of hard knocks. Only someone who has walked the path before you can truly show you the way. Reea is passionate about Awakening Consciousness and Guiding and Mentoring her sisters on Planet Earth to fulfill their Life Purpose.

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