The Dark Side of PTSD

I, Omar Beltran, created this as my senior project. This very dark film was intended to be a full-length film, but due to time and money, I could not finish and instead I chose to just show the symptoms of PTSD and drug abuse that may come with it, rather than the recovery and aftermath which is why there is really no plot. PTSD can take many forms, and I chose to show this side of it, since it is one of the many terrible sides that can happen. Anyways, I was an amateur when I made it, so please no hate. I tried my best as an actor, director, and an editor. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this! I will probably delete this when I deem it necessary to do so.

Cast – Brad Morris, Jesse Nelson, Guillermo Chaires, Bryler Reed, Dirk De Vries, and Omar Beltran

Source: Youtube