The Emotions Wheel – with Love and Joy during PTSD

In this short video, we talk about emotions, such such love, awe, joy and how we should embrace the positive emotions when they come. In the path to recovery from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the re-adaptation of your own emotions is very important. This was one of the tools that help us going through our rough time of the PTSD recovery, as well as with the decluttering Journey.

Here we talk about the journey and how to equip yourself or your close ones to go through PTSD.

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We have been there, we had so much stuff we were burying our emotions with physical things everywhere. Ever seen that, maybe your friends, family or you? You want to read that book. Leave us a comment or a review, we love to see how we can help you better. You deserve it and we are there to help you with your decluttering.

Valerie went through a hard time of PTSD recovery. And Jean-Michel was there for years and years to assist help, through these terrible time. Through that decluttering journey, we made it and can enjoy our life.

Be blessed to go through the recovery of PTSD with the decluttering Journey.

And if you are serious and ready for the big deal, see other way we can help you below.


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