The face of my anxiety, childhood trauma, PTSD, in an acapella cover of “somewhere only we know”

I know some of the lyrics have been altered- and I did not get permission from anyone to reproduce or distribute this or anything and have no rights to this song… I just wanted to share this video I recorded on a particularly low night for myself to show my friends, loved ones, and perhaps the rest of the world what trauma looks like on a simpleton such as myself on a daily/nightly basis. I have a beautiful life now, though I have walked through many shaded valleys with shady individuals while making even shadier decisions… I have succumbed to the pressures of life, allowed myself to be beaten down continuously.. only to always rise above it from the ashes and be able to sit on my sofa in the glow of my Grandmother’s lamp and sing one of the most beautiful and peace-invoking songs I have ever had the blessing of learning in my short days on this planet. To all of you, left, right, central… Male, female… Whole, shattered, broken… There is always a place to go to escape the unbearable. For me it was music, books, and wonderful people I encountered who got me through the rubble. Also possibly a fiery will to push through it all… Indeed, that’s an important part. I’m sorry if the posting of this song offends people, as I’m sure it will. Mostly, though, I hope it makes you feel something. Even if it’s a bit of rage at first. Feeling is never wrong. Numbness is the danger we face as beings. When we stop feeling, we stop being.

Blessed be.

Source: Youtube