The Flash Fanfiction Trailer: The Other Side Of The Glass

For most people, the Criminal justice system is fair, and just. For Henry Allen, the system was anything but. For Barry Allen, the Criminal justice system was the system that took his father away from him. As a child, Barry Allen had become acquainted with the opposite side of the glass at Iron Heights. As an adult, Barry Allen became a working member of the Criminal Justice system. Then everything went wrong. In the official records: Barry Allen shot and killed two police officers in cold blood. In the unofficial records: Hannibal Bates shape-shifted into Barry Allen and framed him for murder. The criminal justice system had failed his father, and now it had failed him too.

“The Other Side Of The Glass” is a what if story taking place in Season 1. What if instead of Eddie being framed by Hannibal Bates, it was Barry?

Rated R for Sexual content and language throughout, and brief graphic nudity.

Content warnings

This fic contains a rape scene, as well as flashbacks to said rape scene.

While the rape isn’t described graphically, it’s still there, so stay safe readers.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will be depicted in this story.

Barry experiences Suicidal Thoughts in this fic.

Unethical treatment of Prisoners will appear in this fic.

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