The Healing Journey- Day 2-Personal Trauma

Session two: Personal Trauma is trauma that happened at an interpersonal level impacting your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social health systems. This session will assist participants to recognize how thoughts, behaviors and emotional reactions may be the unconscious living effects of past trauma playing out in the present. Trauma can stay with you until you unlearn your conditioned emotional responses to stress.

Dennis Windego M.S.W. is an Internationally acclaimed Indigenous Psychocothereapist.

Dennis is a Coordinator with the Focusing Institute in New York. N.Y. He facilitates and provides psychotherapy in the areas of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Complex Trauma. Dennis has been providing one on one, family and group sessions for over 25 years within outpatient treatment settings in First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada. He has been a guest speaker at many conferences and healing gatherings involving the judicial, education and health systems. Dennis develops and facilitates land-based, culturally relevant programs which builds on existing programs and services within communities and organizations. He is a former student of St. Margaret’s Indian Residential School in Fort Francis, Ontario. Through his own personal healing journey, he brings his experience and knowledge to assist other survivors in healing of direct and intergenerational trauma.

Source: Youtube