"The Hero King" (The Lion King) (1994) Cast Video

“Hello There, Everyone!! (◍•ᴗ•◍) So, Some Of You Are Probably Wondering Where I’ve Been And Why I Haven’t Been Uploading For A Little While..Well, Let’s Just Say Alot Of Things Have Been Going On In Life, And My Depression And Mental Health Isn’t The Best At The Moment And It’s Going A Little Worse In A Few Places, (I Was Diagnosed And Told To Have “PTSD”)(‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’) And I’ve Just Been More Focused On Trying To Work On My Health, I’m Currently On Medication And My Mom Is Searching For A Therapist For Me. Plus, School Just Recently Started For Me, So I’ve Been Very Busy With That And Just Don’t Have Alot Of Time As I Used To! But, Don’t Worry, The Alligator Of Notre Dame Trailer Is In The Works And Should Be Coming Soon, Hopefully It’ll Be Released Sometime In October Or November. Izukuzan Part 4 Is Also In The Works And The Project Isn’t Cancelled, It’s Just That I Haven’t Had Much Time To Work On It And Other Videos, But I Promise That I’ll Release Them Soon As I Can, Guys.” ~ Jasmine 💞
Other Cast:
Baby Simba – Baby Beel. (Beelzebub)
Hyenas – Various Villains. (Various Cartoons/Movies)
Mouse – Jerry. (Tom & Jerry)
Groundhog – Daggett. (Angry Beavers)
The Wildebeests – …?
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Source: Youtube