The Infirmities Of My People | Mental Health | PTSD

Psychological Injuries.
Recreating the traumatic event over & over. These flashbacks can happen through nightmares or mental images that pop into the mind during the day.
When a child is suffering from PTSD, these flashbacks often come out in their play.
Avoidance of people, places, or activities that trigger memories of the traumatic event. Fireworks can trigger veterans with PTSD. Vigilance & Attentiveness all the time for danger. This can cause a PTSD sufferer to be irritable, angry, and easily startled. These cluster PTSD symptoms lead to a host of emotional, relational, and physical issues that are also symptomatic of PTSD.
Emotional PTSD Symptoms
Lower than normal sense of self-worth. Depression or misplaced guilt. Inability to specifically remember or talk about the trauma. Feeling numb emotionally. Dissociation(not aware of the present moment) A feeling of disconnection from their everyday lives. Feeling hyper-aroused & vigilant for danger all the time. Lashing out in irritability or unexplained anger. Feeling jittery, or unable to concentrate on tasks at hand. Other anxiety disorders, such as panic or intense distress.
Relational PTSD Symptoms
Loss of interest in activities they used to find enjoyable( anhedonia). Feeling like they are emotionally detached from friends and family. Life -threatening actions such as reckless driving. Lack of a sex drive. Higher than normal rates of divorce or separation, unemployment, or domestic abuse. Self-destructive actions such as: drug or alcohol abuse, suicide, or risky sexual actions.
Physical PTSD Symptoms
Chronic pain that has no medical explanation. Fibromyalgia. Heart Problems. Chronic Fatigue. Severe Headaches. Eating Disorders. Sleep issues such as insomnia or sleep apnea. Asthma or other breathing issues. Muscles aches & pain. Poor or painful digestion. Racing heart, panic, or chills when reminded of the traumatic event.
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