The Jamie Canela Story – Survived a Gunshot in the Neck & Still Unbroken – Part 2 of 5

Alcohol abuse and drug use are common coping mechanisms for a child experiencing different types of post-traumatic stress disorder. But booze and dope doesn’t change who you are, it only reveals who you are. Jamie’s relationships with men were physically abusive, something she came to think was normal behavior between a man and a woman. But then Jamie graduated from a drug user to dealing drugs and quickly expanded her territory to such a point that she never met any of the end users of her product. She mutated again from some distorted caricature of a desperate woman into a bat wielding and gun touting thug defender of her turf. Her heart seared, she became ruthless; a woman without compassion and destroying anyone who got in her way. Then she basically slept through an event that should have been the greatest wakeup call in her life. Jamie was shot in the neck by a young woman in a car, who was an up-and-coming drug competitor. Jamie pleaded with her to take her to the hospital in exchange for the dope she had on her. Shockingly, the young gal pointed the gun at her own head and blew away the backside of her skull and fell dead across the steering wheel. Even this event didn’t break Jamie, it didn’t wake her from her self-absorbed tough guy persona.

Source: Youtube