The Mission is YOU! – Day 18 – Rename PTSD to PTSR?

If you are military, first responder, police, fire, SWAT, nurse, trauma medic, etc., try on a new distinction with PTSD.

Service2purpose – The Mission is YOU! – Day 18

This is something I first heard from one of my mentors Mastin Kipp. The concept of changing these “disorders” and making them “responses”.

Post traumatic stress isn’t a disorder…it is a RESPONSE to trauma.

In the same way multiple personality ‘disorder’ is the bodies natural RESPONSE to intense trauma.

Watch the video for more in depth information, and I will be interested in your feedback on this concept.

Keep it consistent! The only way to uncover and unleash your purpose is to do the type of work being covered in these videos.

Remember…it is simple, but not easy!

You got this!

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