The Plague – Season 4: Episode 13 – “PTSD” (GTA 5)

Two years after a plague wipes out half of San Andreas, Anthony will venture out from his hiding place and see how much San Andreas has really suffered since the plague hit two years ago.


The people in this episode:

Anthony – Played by me (undeadfreak78)
Scott – Played by YellowishObject
Samantha – Played by HopelessFrawn98
Josh – Played by JoyfulMoss71160
Dirt – Played by RebelTtyme87


Last Episode Title: “Disappeared”

Last Episode Synopsis: Anthony and Scott go to the city with Josh to help him find one of his group; Samantha meets a person within Josh’s Community that goes a little to far with her.


Episode Title “PTSD”

Episode Synopsis: Anthony and Josh set out to find David and make him pay for what he did to Samantha, but when Anthony leaves Josh behind and goes to face the enemy group on his own, things take a turn for the worse; Anthony suffers with his mentality, which pushes him to see events from his past that haunts him everyday.


New episode premieres live ever Wednesday @8:00 PM (EST)

Source: Youtube