The Social Priming

Caught in a vast Stockholm syndrome, the alienated, the oppressed, and the colonized are siding with the system that holds them hostage.
(Jean Baudrillard)

The Stockholm syndrome refers to the paradoxical
development of reciprocal positive feelings between
hostages and their captors…

Four conditions form the basis for the formation of
the Stockholm syndrome:
(i) perceived threat to one’s
physical or psychological survival at the hands of an
(ii) perceived small kindnesses from the
abuser to the victim;
(iii) isolation from perspectives
other than those of the abuser; and
(iv) the inescapability
of the situation.

Anxiety and fear have been essential to survival.
Further, anxiety disorder subtypes are associated
with symptoms that make sense from a survival

Different mammals manifest different appeasement
behaviours. Many reduce their apparent size, signalling ‘no threat’.

Humans cower, bow, kneel, prostrate themselves…

Appeasement is associated with the emotions fear
and shame.

Fear motivates defense; shame facially and otherwise signals ‘no threat’. Shame is an emotion that is so uncomfortable that dissociation is often involved

Excerpts from:
Traumatic entrapment, appeasement and complex
post-traumatic stress disorder: evolutionary
perspectives of hostage reactions, domestic abuse
and the Stockholm syndrome

by Chris Cantor, John Price

The world is a laboratory for tyranny

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