The Surfing Dog Empowering PTSD Veterans and Kids in Need in USAHD 2019

The Surfing Dog Empowering PTSD Veterans and Kids in Need in USAHD 2019
HD 2019e:

The concept of connecting people together through the challenges they face is not more apparent than in this new form of innovative therapy taking place in California, USA.

They call it ‘Waves of Empowerment’ where groups of young children with a range of special needs and disabilities are joined together by one of the worlds very few working, surfing dogs – Ricochet, and accompanied by groups of veteran former soldiers who are suffering with PTSD.

They all come together as equals in a safe, caring environment where empowerment is nurtured through surfing, recreation and play.

In the words of one of the organisers of the therapy, Judy Fridono:

“Feelings such as isolation and social anxiety are replaced with inter-connection and trusting friendships… all built in a playground of transformation!”

And Ricochet is no ordinary working canine. Not only has she built up quite the online following from her therapeutic ‘surfing’ work with young children in need… but she has also been mingling with the celebrities during her journey, having made friends with the likes of actor Joey Lawrence, comedienne Betty White, and also having featured on the Oprah show.

Ricochet is one special four-legged friend to all humans… and she’s spreading her own dose of pawfect ‘girl power’ joy worldwide!

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Special thanks to Judy Fridono

Source: Youtube