The Three Levels of Resistance

Resistance is a HUGE thing. A really real thing. It keeps us from so much exploration and expansion. But, we can work with it (not against it – aka resisting the resistance) to get to where we wanna go. ⠀
There are different kinds of resistance, and different ways to work with different kinds of resistance. ⠀

I have created a framework –
Working With The Three-Levels of Resistance: ⠀
Level #1 = Trauma-Related Resistance⠀
Level #2 = Standard Resistance to Discomfort⠀
Level #3 = Resistance to the BIG STUFF⠀

Of course, there is some overlap to this work, as healing trauma, overcoming discomfort, and tackling the BIG STUFF will be part of our lives for the rest of our lives and healing is a dance in nuance.⠀

You’ll notice that trauma-related resistance has to do with the compassionate core – which is another framework I have developed as a result of my own experience with C-PTSD and intense sensory activation. If you want to know more about the compassionate core you can Subscribe to the Grow Heal Change Podcast as This Wednesday’s episode will be ALL about the compassionate core. 🙂

The Principles
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*Please note, I am a life coach – I am not a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am someone who has learned through lots of trial and error, and application, to heal childhood trauma and is now teaching these methods to others.

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